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Exceptional Budapest Attractions

November 25th, 2010

Fall in love with one of the most beautiful cities in the world when you visit Budapest. You will dive into a glorious historical past and come out awestruck!

City Overview

An important hub, this capital city of Hungary is one of the largest political, cultural, commercial and industrial centers in Europe. The numerous Budapest attractions include some of the finest architecture, art houses, monuments, palaces and museums.

Places which you must visit

  • Go for a day trip to the Royal Palace and explore the varied architectural styles. The country’s most prominent cultural centre, it houses a number of national museums and art galleries.
  • Visit the St. Stephen’s Basilica and have a peaceful time looking at the intricate architectural patterns incorporating the classical style with the Italian Renaissance model.
  • Stare in disbelief at the most beautiful Parliament building in Europe when you visit the Houses of Parliament. Featuring a neo-Gothic style and adorned with the statues of the great monarchs and commanders of Hungary, this is one of the most impressive stops on the list of Budapest attractions.
  • Be sure to drop in at the Fisherman’s Bastion. Examine the glistening white cloisters, follow the stairs connecting seven turrets and soak in the outstanding view.
  • Don’t miss out on the site of coronation of Hungarian kings since King Matthias, the Matthias Church. One of the best known and most famous of structures in all of Hungary.

Things you must do

  • Check out the Chain Bridge. The first bridge made of stone; it is a mesmerizing sight when floodlit. Considered to be one of the greatest achievements in engineering when it was made in the 19th century, it is now a source of pride for the locals.
  • Get a Budapest Tourist Card which lets you travel free on public transport and gives you discounts at numerous restaurants, museums, spas and so on.
  • Take a local tour to have a complete experience of the city’s rich and varied history. The places to marvel at are one of the top Budapest attractions, sure to keep drawing in tourists.
  • · Have an authentic Hungarian meal starting with apricot brandy and with heavy goulash. Don’t forget to try the “King of wines, wine of Kings”  the well known Tokaji Aszú!

Shopping and Sports in the city

Forget about your woes when you go wild shopping in this charming city. Load up on the local Hungarian handicrafts, the sinful cheeses, the rich wines and the beautiful porcelain goods and embroidered products. Drop in at Andrássy Avenue in Pest for some delightful choices. Go bowling, or skate boarding or bike through the city! Whatever sport you feel like indulging in, you can be sure to find it in this beautiful city! Surely one more hit on the unending list of Budapest attractions!

How to spend nightlife

Jazz clubs or trendy bars, the list of night time enjoyment locations are aplenty in Budapest. Check out Becketts, the original Irish pub or choose from the menu of Crazy Café, which is supposedly the longest in Hungary. Party at Fat Mo’s for great music and live bands. There are many luxury casinos and lounges also available.

Famous Festivals

Groove at the biggest open air pop and rock concert in Europe when you visit the Sziget Festival. Check out the Budapest Spring festival to get a close view of the nation wide celebration of music, dance, food and wine.