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Asahikawa Travel Guide

Asahikawa City
Asahikawa City

Asahikawa (旭川) is the second-largest city on the northern island of Hokkaido, Japan. It is located at the confluence of four rivers and is surrounded by hills. It is located near the centre of Hokkaido, and it is a good base to visit the nearby Taisetsu-zan mountain range and the picturesque Biei-Furano area. The place has few foreigner visitors, though Asahiyama Zoo attracts scores of Japanese tourists.

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Asahikawa Travel Photos

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Photographers: - , - , - ,Donkou.T - 夜のホームにて,butch24h - Straight road in residential area,Asahikawa city 住宅地の直線道路(北海道旭川市),pakku - 旭橋(Asahi Bridge),namimasa - Shin-kagura Bridge 新神楽橋,butch24h - Old Soy sauce brewery building,Asashikawa city 醤油醸造工場の古い建物(北海道旭川市),Donkou.T - 見本林,namimasa - St. Kaguraoka 神楽岡通,pakku - 夜のプロムナード(Twinkle road),butch24h - INOUE YASUSHI Museum,Asahikawa city 井上靖記念館(北海道旭川市),namimasa - Asahikawatakasu IC 旭川鷹栖IC,namimasa - frogs ガマ記念館,tacos - 旭川 ツーリングロード 真冬,mizutaru - Mt. Taisetsu from Asahikawa in Winter,HK Qwerty - 富良野線 西神楽駅 Furano Line Nishikagura Station,mppp - Asahikawa station/sunset,butch24h - Old public bath,Asahikawa city レトロ銭湯(北海道旭川市),Donkou.T - スーパーホワイトアロー Super White Arrow,butch24h - Marukyo Hashimoto cleaning,Asahikawa city 丸京橋本クリーニング(北海道旭川市),mppp - Restaurant ramen Ichikura,mppp - Takushoku market,pakku - 旭川の夜(Night of Asahikawa),Donkou.T - 石狩川 Ishikari river,namimasa - Sake Brewery 高砂酒造,namimasa - Shin-kagura bridge 新神楽橋,namimasa - GODO レンガ5階建て,namimasa - Confectioner's shop of stonework 石造りのお菓子屋さん,pakku - 常盤の池(Autumn of Asahikawa),namimasa - Old curiosity shop 骨董品店,namimasa - 5・7小路 ふらりーと 素通りは許しませんぞ,namimasa - Warehouse of brick masonry 赤レンガ倉庫,Percy Tai 漆園童 - 北海道 旭川 平和通買物公園 Asahikawa,Hokkaido,Japan,HK Qwerty - 宮下通,pakku - 常盤の中島,


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