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Assos Travel Guide

Temple to Athena overlooking the Aegean
Temple to Athena overlooking the Aegean

Assos, also known as Behramkale (or, rarely, as Behram, as it appears on some old maps), is a village in northern Aegean Region, Turkey. It’s located on the northern coast of Gulf of Edremit, just opposite the northern coast of the Greek island of Lesvos.

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Photographers: - , - , - ,kartson - Καρτσωνάκης Τάκης: Ο θεός Ποσειδώνας στην Κόρινθο The god Poseidon in Corinth,kartson - Καρτσωνάκης. Pigeons in the park. Περιστέρια στο πάρκο.,Christos Theodorou - Loutraki, Vouliagmeni lake - A romantic dinner - APR. 2011 CONTEST,Christos Theodorou - Velo in Corinthos, time for relax! (Ο Στράτος που ξεστράτησε).,makis-GREECE ® - The colors of the storm! (Kiato - Greece),Christos Theodorou - Loutraki, near Hereon (Temple of Hera),kartson - by kARTsonakis Pan Corinthian trireme! Κορινθιακή Τριήρης!,Christos Theodorou - Akrocorinthos, inside the castle (view to the third zone of defence),Christos Theodorou - Ancient Corinthos, the temple of Apollo and the Acropolis of Akrocorinthos - MAY 2012 CONTEST ,Dim Leventis #Visual Poetry - Red Rock Moonrise,kartson - Photo by kARTsonakis Pan . Μα η Ποίηση είναι μια πόρτα ανοιχτή!!!! …..από το ποίημα του Γιώργη Παυλόπουλου και κατόπιν προτροπής της 愛 Sylvietsak 女 ,kartson - Sunset on the Beach. KALAMIA Corinth KORINTHOS Hellas (Greece),kartson - Εικόνα από τα μαθήματα ιππασίας.Photo by kARTsonakis Pan and title.ME AND MY LOVE by recrue,kartson - BYE STRESS !! Photo by kARTsonakis Pan and title by ♪ Silver Moon,kartson - Τάκης Καρτσωνάκης:Ο νικητής!The winner!,kartson - Φωτογραφία: Τάκης Καρτσωνάκης Ψαρεύοντας στον Κορινθιακό Κόλπο. Παραλία "Καλάμια". Fishing in the Gulf of Corinth. Beach "Kalamia",kartson - Καρτσωνάκης Πάν:Σουρουπώνει. Getting dark.,Christos Theodorou - Kiato, winter time! - DEC.2010 CONTEST,pappous1950 - 2013-Loutraki - Lake. Hellas,kartson - Καρτσωνάκης Πάν: "The rain doesn't stop me". the title by emilyA,kartson - Τάκη Καρτσωνάκη:Pegasus Πήγασος,Christos Theodorou - Ancient Corinthos, the temple of Apollo - MAY 2012 CONTEST ,Christos Theodorou - Loutraki, Vouliagmeni lake ,KYΩN - ΗΡΑΙΟΝ ΠΕΡΑΧΩΡΑ ΛΟΥΤΡΑΚΙ (IREON Perachora LOUTRAKI) by #ΚΥΩΝ#,Christos Theodorou - Loutraki, Vouliagmeni lake - The Corinthian gulf - APR. 2011 CONTEST,kartson - Καρτσωνάκης Τάκης: Σιδηροδρομικός σταθμός Κορίνθου.Train Station Korinthos,makis-GREECE ® - The magic of colors!,Christos Theodorou - Ancient Corinthos and the Acropolis of Akrocorinthos - MAY 2012 CONTEST ,KYΩN - ΛΙΜΝΗ ΒΟΥΛΙΑΓΜΕΝΗΣ ''ΛΟΥΤΡΑΚΙ'' c' (Lake Vouliagmeni Loutraki),kartson - Καρτσωνάκης Τάκης: Ψευδαίσθηση. illusion,PhotoPhotis - Λίμνη Βουλιαγμένης Vouliagmeni Lake,kartson - Καλύτερα εδώ, παρά στο Λούβρο!!! Φωτογραφία Καρτσωνάκης Πάν και τίτλος από τον Μάκη (makis-GREECE) αν και θα το προτιμούσα Μάκης Ελλάς ή Makis-Hellas.Better here than in Louvre!,Christos Theodorou - Peloponissos, Akrocorinthos in a cloudly day (better to enlarge),


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