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Budget in Alishan

For a meal on the train, don't miss the Fencihu lunch box (奮起湖便當 fencihu biendang), which has a deep-fried cutlet, Taiwanese sausage and a selection of mountain veggies on rice. Vendors come onto the train to sell them at Fencihu station (NTD100 a pop). Stalls selling noodles, rice dishes and basic street food can be found at the Alishan main square, at Jhushan and the Jhoushen Temple. While you are waiting for the sun to rise, a hot drink from the vendor will warm your hands. Also try the egg crepe, scallion pancakes and French toast. Hot Clear soup with blood rice cake is also available. Hot Sakura flavoured honey in the early morning is great too.

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Photographers: - , - , - ,乾龍 - 石卓 茶園 Tea garden,乾龍 - 阿里山 星空,乾龍 - Alishan National Scenic Area 奮起湖車站 2010/03/09 12:00:00 ,乾龍 - Alishan National Scenic Area 姊潭,乾龍 - Alishan National Scenic Area 阿里山公路,乾龍 - Alishan National Scenic Area 阿里山國家風景區,乾龍 - Alishan National Scenic Area,林傑安(Enson) - 寧靜的雨中道,MF(Meditation Falcon) - Take the old steam train during cherry blossoms season in Alishan (阿里山鐵道櫻花 –吉野櫻),Michael 安路 - Alpine Forest Recreation Area, Mt. Ali. ,Michael 安路 - 特富野古道 阿里山延長鉄道廢為山路,啟民(Min) - (Min)Tefuye Ancient Path - 特富野古道,Eilian - 竹腳景色,jiangliu - Alishan, Taiwan,xcat - 二萬坪三角線,Michael 安路 - Alpine Forest Recreation Area,Mt. Ali, the train from the plains to the mountains, an altitude of 2250m,林傑安(Enson) - 阿里山姐潭 Alison Sister Pond,林傑安(Enson) - 阿里山森林鐵路沼平車站 Alison Forest Train,乾龍 - Alishan National Scenic Area 沼平車站,anter7304 - 阿里山白雲Ali Mountain clouds,Michael 安路 - Alpine Forest Recreation Area, Mt. Ali. Yoshino cherry blossom,林傑安(Enson) - 春之頌 - 臺灣 阿里山 The Calling of Spring,Eilian - 樟樹湖茶區,ƤōƝƓ - “GOLDEN PIG” Alishan National Scenic Area, Taiwan • 阿里山《金豬報喜》木 • ซากไม้ "หมูทอง" บนเขาอาหลี่ซัน ไต้หวัน,swinelin - IMG_8982,to99 - 阿里山櫻花,akihito morita - 阿里山森林鉄道阿里山駅 シェイ式蒸気機関車,to99 - 阿里山櫻花,swinelin - IMG_8607,啟民(Min) - (Min)Tefuye Ancient Path - 特富野古道,林傑安(Enson) - 新中橫公路 瓊巒疊翠,Tai2 泰 - Tai2 嘉義縣,二萬坪車站。(2005/08/11),Michael 安路 - 特富野古道 美如仙境 海拔 2250 M ,


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