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By angkot in Bandung

This city transport has only origin and destination names on top. Sometimes with via description if there are more than one angkot route for a certain origin-destination route. There is no route description anywhere. For locals, it is somewhat amazing that they only memorize where and how the route of each angkot route. Although there is an official price for angkot from organda (the local organization of these private city transport), sometimes price is based on how far you travel. It's better that you ask the driver or kernet (driver assistance) about the price to go to a location. To ask for an angkot to stop and pick you up, just raise your hand and they will stop. When you're inside and want to stop, just ask the kernet to stop. Or say 'kiri' (key-ree) or simply 'stop' out loud. It was easy to find a bell that you can press to stop but not anymore. Most angkot fare are ranging from Rp 2000-5000, it depends on the route and distance. The official angkot routes are listed on Bandung's Info Kota website .

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Bandung Travel Photos

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Photographers: - , - , - ,ikung adiwar - Gedung Sate - BANDUNG,ikung adiwar - Cihampelas Walk - Bandung,ikung adiwar - Bandung Supermal,ikung adiwar - Istana Plaza - Pasir Kaliki , Bandung,ikung adiwar - Masdjid Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia,ikung adiwar - Gerbang Tol PASTEUR,ikung adiwar - MIKO Mall " Front Canopy,Luthfi Amara - pine forest of Bandung,ikung adiwar - Hotel Grand Aquila , Bandung,Ian Stehbens - Javanese Landscape near Lembang,Ferry Zuljanna - Masjid_Agung_Bandung,senna3 - Indonesia, Rice fields near Bandung, June 1988, - WASTUKANTJANA, - OBSERVATORIUM BOSCHA, - HIGH RISE BUILDING IN NORTH BANDUNG,BadRuL MN © - ※※※ Survivor ※※※ - whats left for me to carry on,BadRuL MN © - The Secret factory outlet, - JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL 5, - VILLA ISOLA,Lucien Kivit - Gedung sate, Bandung, Indonesia, - GRAND MASQUE BANDUNG,Wind Rider - Bandung My Hometown, - KILOMETER NOL BANDUNG, - JOGGING TRACK ON THE JUNGLE, - OLD TREE AT ZOO,BadRuL MN © - Indonesian Postal Department, - FULL COLOR AT SILIWANGI, - SIGHT OF BRAGA, - MARIBAYA BRIDGE, - FROM 22nd FLOOR of CIUMBULEUIT APARTEMENT, - SOCCER PLAYER, - MERDEKA BUILDING, - FRONT OF ITB,


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