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Devasom Accommodation in Guruvayoor

  • Satram, East Nada. Satram is the lowest range accommodation offered by Devasom, that offers a strict no-frills stay for budget conscious travelers. The satram has 82 rooms with attached toilets and 92 rooms with common toilets and few large dorms. Ideal for devotees who just want a cot and fan to sleep. budget.
  • Kausthabam, Satram, East Nada. Kausthabam is located just near to Satram complex, offers better facilities than Satram with more rooms and few additional frills. Air Conditioned rooms are also available along with restaurant facility. budget.
  • Panchajanyam, South Nada. Panchajanyam, located near Devasom Office complex, offers ideal accommodation for middle class families with more than 130 rooms offering both air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned rooms along with additional bed facilities for extended families. The hotel also has dedicated parking facility as well as 24 hour restaurant facility. moderate.
  • Sree Valsam Suites, South Nada. A land-mark in the town, Sree-Valsam Rest House offers premium facilities for those who wish for. With more than 12 large suites, a swimming pool, concierge facility and large landscape gardens, the hotel is located just near to Panchajanyam hotel. The iconic Mara-prabhu statue (Lord of Wood) and statue memorial of Guruvayur's celebrated elephant; Guruvayoor Kesavan all are located within Sree valsam complex. Caution:- The hotel is used by visiting VIPs and ministers, hence occasionally your reservation may be cancelled at hotel, owing security reasons and protocols. Must reconfirm your booking. premium.

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    Photographers: - , - , - ,Anis Hydros - Chettuva Bridge in the morning,MS Gopal. Indian Road Romeo - Guruvayoor Temple,Anis Hydros - Chavakkad Beach,WalterFrommPhotographer - Chavakkad.Kanoli Canal,WalterFrommPhotographer - Parappur.St john's Church,ABDUL MANAF - kodamukku,venkitangu,mcmurali - An elephant being given a bath at the Guruvayur temple elephant sanctuary, Kerala, India,ABDUL MANAF - soul and mind,K Jayakumar P Menon - Annamkulangara Bhagavathy Temple, Kanippayyoor, Kunnamkulam, Kerala,WalterFrommPhotographer - Statua di S Tommaso,ABDUL MANAF - Manaykal kadavu,Albert Egazarov - Rice fields near Thrissur. Kerala,K Jayakumar P Menon - Choondal Paarappuram Mahavishnu Kahsethram,Jaseem Hamza - Canoli Canal : Like this page :>>,sidhi9 - A V M,mohd musthafa - kanoli kanal, kettungal ,ashrafayub - R V Rukkiya's House - Vylathur,Rafeekps - SUBAH - Rafeek House, Thoyakkavu,mohd musthafa - Mannalamkunnu beach,prad - My Home,Anis Hydros - Thatched Cabins at Rajah Island Resort,WalterFrommPhotographer - Manathala Masjid by night,Anis Hydros - Rose Villa - My Home,Anis Hydros - Chettuva Lake, View from Rajah Island Resort,Anis Hydros - Chakkamkandam,Santhosh Kumar KS - Regal Heritage,Santhosh Kumar KS - Manjulal,rmds2000 - Guruvayur Temple (Kerala),ABDUL MANAF - PAVARATTY CHURCH (St.Joseph's Church),ABDUL MANAF - our nano,[email protected] - Guruvayoor Temple Pond, Kerala, India - Photo by T.S.Bilhanan,mohd musthafa - chetuva river,cyrilpb - Monsoon Rain in Kerala,


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