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Internet Cafes in Tirana

  • Centre Internet, RR Brigada e VIII (Look for the yellow sign down the laneway). 24 hours. 100 lek per hour.
  • Internet Point, RR Deshmoret e 4 Shkurtit, 7. 24 hours. 100 lek per hour.

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    Tirana Travel Photos

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    Photographers: - , - , - ,Ahmet Bekir - A journey with cable car over Tirana,kostvil - Automnal colors 3-Dajti_ {Vertical panorama} [for all Panoramio friends],kostvil - Τα κόκκινα πέπλα του δειλινού - Γιά τη Μαίρη Π.,HF2007 - Tirana - Institute for former political prisoners,goldenboy883 - Tiranë, Kisha Ortodokse në Rrugën e Kavajës,goldenboy883 - Rruga "Ali Demi", Gusht 2008,goldenboy883 - Tirana, Palace of Congresses during Bush visit,goldenboy883 - Tirana nga kodrat e Selitës,goldenboy883 - Restoranti + Mercedes S-Class,goldenboy883 - Restorant Sallaku, Bërzhitë, Tiranë, Shtator 2008,Edo-9/11 - Pallate të rinj në Rrugën "Qemal Stafa",kostvil - Automnal colors 1-Dajti_from wagon of teleferik [for Mary P.],kostvil - Automnal colors 2-Dajti_from wagon of teleferik [for KaTeRiNa],sonjabgd - Tirana - ĐURAĐ KASTRIOT SKENDERBEG 1405-1468 ,Carlo M. Dimhofen - AL - Tirana - Blick vom Hotelzimmer 1991,kostvil - Dajti, Albania // (for friend and colleague Pantelis A.. He is ~in the midlle of the photo under a tree.) // (360° HDR Panorama),goldenboy883 - Tirana, washing clothes painting...lol,kostvil - Κόντρες με τον ήλιο,sonjabgd - Tirana,sonjabgd - Tirana,goldenboy883 - Tiranë, Regency Casino,kostvil - Ενημέρωση... στην καλύτερη θέση,goldenboy883 - Tirana, giant painter,Zygmunt Borowski - Tirana - Historical Museum (Muzeum Historyczne),lichinga - Tirana - A small balcony,kostvil - Η Αττική στον ουρανό των Τιράνων... Βλέπω και τα Βίλια πάνω αριστερά,goldenboy883 - Albanian delegation's motorcade, April 5 2009,Zygmunt Borowski - Tirana - twin towers,marcolillini - Railway station in Tirana,goldenboy883 - Tiranë, Rruga "Myslym Shyri",goldenboy883 - Tiranë, Parkingu i Kristal Center & Kolegji Kristal,goldenboy883 - Tiranë, Lulishtja tek Kinema Millennium 2,goldenboy883 - Tirana, colors of an old building,


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