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Jinan Travel Guide


Jinan (济南 Jǐnán) is the provincial capital of Shandong in the People's Republic of China. It is located in the North-West of the province. In the South the city is flanked by the hills of The Tai'an massif, while the Yellow River passes North of the city.

Jinan carries the nickname City of Springs (泉城 quánchéng) because of the many artesian wells that bubble up within the city limits. The water from these springs flows North towards the main landmark, Daming Lake (大明湖 dàmíng hú), and onwards to the Yellow River.

While it doesn't always make the short list of tourists visiting China, there is certainly enough to be done in Jinan to warrant a couple days stay. It is also a perfect base for exploring the region, notably Qufu, the hometown of Confucius, and Mount Tai, the foremost of the sacred Five Great Mountains known in Taoism.

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Photographers: - , - , - ,nswy2008 - 趵突泉,Li Ang - Reflection in Daming Lake,nswy2008 - 柳岸,Flowing Ink - NightView @ Quancheng Square, Jinan, China; 济南泉城广场夜景. 20071226 18:36,黄河影人 - 黄河下游河道冰凌---黄河影人,Rachun - เมืองจี่หนาน 济南铁道,Flowing Ink - Church @ Hongjalou, Jinan, China; 济南洪家楼教堂, 雨后. 20070729 13:30,Flowing Ink - Fall Colors @ Qanfoshan, Jinan, China; 济南千佛山公园秋色. 20081116 09:26,stephen611 - 黄河大桥暮色,Flowing Ink - 山东省体育中心体育场. 20081207 18:37,stephen611 - 英雄山—革命烈士纪念塔,Newerman - DaMingHu bridge view,Flowing Ink - Daming Lake. 大明湖东岸, 野渡无人舟自横. 20060409 18:21,Li Ang - [email protected],Flowing Ink - [email protected], Jinan, China. 日出, 济南植物园. 20051201 07:58,Pierre Lapointe - Quancheng Square # 3, 济南,nswy2008 - 荷香池,Flowing Ink - The Moat Of Jinan; 雪雾偕来, 护城河, 济南的冬天. 20061230 07:48,Flowing Ink - Pearls Spring @ Jinan,China; 雨中珍珠泉全貌. 20070511 12:30,Flowing Ink - Guihe Holiday Hotel. 20070619 20:18,Flowing Ink - Daming Lake; 大明湖. 20070629 07:37,Li Ang - Shandong Province Museum © Li Ang,stephen611 - 黄河暮色,Flowing Ink - the Moat Of Jinan, China; 晨雾如纱,济南护城河. 20061213 07:53,刘红石 liuhs - 山东济南,Flowing Ink - Liberation Pavilion,Jinan,China. 济南解放阁夜景. 20071120 20:25,Flowing Ink - The Musical Lake Daming, Jinan, China; 笛音萦绕树婆娑 声落明湖鱼应知. 20070806 08:10,Flowing Ink - Daming Lake,Jinan, China; 济南大明湖东岸. 20060807 17:57,Flowing Ink - Daming Lake, Jinan, China; 济南大明湖 雨中得月亭. 20070806 7:49,Newerman - Corridor,tsingtao_hu - 济南护城河夜景,刘红石 liuhs - 卧佛, 千佛山,Flowing Ink - Daming Lake, Jinan, China. 20070717 08:11,


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