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Jiufen attractions

  • The Historic Commercial District of Jiufen consists of a series of stores and restaurants running along Jishan and Shuchi Streets, which are built into the side of the coastal hills and considered a must-see site for visitors. The area is known for its collection of historic businesses, eateries, and teahouses, allowing visitors to relive the past while sampling local specialties and purchasing handicrafts and other knick-knacks. The area also provides spectacular views of the harbor and the Pacific Ocean below. The most popular entrance is located near the bus station.
  • Taiyang Co. Rueifang mining Operation Office
    Taiyang Co. Rueifang mining Operation Office
  • Taiyang Co. Ruifang mining Operation Office (台陽礦業事務所) - This historic building just below Jiufen bus station. Yen Yun-nian (A.D 1882 - 1923), Jiufen's merchant, got the business authority from Japanese "Itoda Gumi" during the Japanese era. The company was established in 1948 by his brother, quarrying gold since 1914 till the 60th year of the ROC (1971). Bafan Tunnel mining relic still remains inside the office, but not opening externally at present.
  • Songde Park (頌德公園) - A small memorial park in Jiufen's east, located on Qinbian Road. There are monuments to praise the great achievement for Yen Yun-nian who found Jiufen's mining culture. Creative artistic sculpture can easily be seen in the park. Also the early Mining Tunnel can also be found next to the park.
  • Wufan Tunnel
    Wufan Tunnel
  • Wufan Tunnel (五番坑道) - Next to the park, this tunnel had been excavated in 1927. The coal transported out from the tunnel was smashed in the mine-smashing area by high altitude transporting pipe. There are light railway passing through the tunnel, which was running by Japanese and contracted by Jiouda Co. after Japanese left Taiwan. In the 60th year of the ROC (1971), in order to protect the security of the resident and visitor, all the mine tunnels are sealed. There is a small community park for people to rest and enjoy the ocean view of Pacific Ocean.

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