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Kaifeng Travel Guide


Kaifeng (开封; Kāifēng) is on the southern bank of the Yellow River in northern Henan Province.

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Kaifeng Travel Photos

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Photographers: - , - , - ,Pozlp风格 - 2011新年快乐!-中国北方新年传统节目 -踩高跷 Traditional New Year program in North China -Dance on Stilts,Cheuk - 河南省 鄭州 洛陽 開封 焦作,zikay囧Need Comments - 开封城墙 Kaifeng Wall,xiexiaohua - The Guild Hall Of Shanxi, Shaanxi and Gansu,xiexiaohua - Po Pagoda,zikay囧Need Comments - 开封火车站 Kaifeng railway station,zikay囧Need Comments - 安远门·开封城墙北门,ivivian - 开封西开发区 Kaifeng Kaifaqu,ivivian - 金明大道 Jinming Road,我获一像 lwm0515 - 晋安路 开封,刘红石 liuhs - Qingming Riverside Landscape Garden,清明上河园,刘红石 liuhs - Qingming Riverside Landscape Garden (Southwest Gate),清明上河园,xiexiaohua - Dragon Pavilion,xiexiaohua - Yanqing Taoist Temple,刘红石 liuhs - Qingming Riverside Landscape Garden (Southwest Gate),清明上河园,ivivian - 大相国寺 Da Xiangguo Temple,xiexiaohua - The Museum in Memory of Liu Shaoqi,红雨 - 清明上河园(QingMingShangHe park),GuoJunjun - kaifeng,Day Dreaming Bear (梦梦熊) - 铁塔(Iron Tower),ivivian - 宋都御街 Songdu Yujie,ivivian - 滨河路 Binhe Road,zikay囧Need Comments - 铁塔公园·接引殿,zikay囧Need Comments - 开封铁塔公园的石桥,ivivian - 开封西开发区 Kaifeng Kaifaqu,刘红石 liuhs - Qingming Riverside Landscape Garden ,清明上河园,刘红石 liuhs - Qingming Riverside Landscape Garden ,清明上河园景区,zikay囧Need Comments - 开封铁塔,idealbj - 大相国寺大雄宝殿,ivivian - 开封金明广场附近 JinMing Square,ivivian - 龙亭 LongTing,刘红石 liuhs - Qingming Riverside Landscape Garden ,清明上河园,刘红石 liuhs - 中国翰园,


Kaifeng Hotels

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