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Kashan Travel Guide

Tabatabaei House, early 1800s, Kashan. A fine example of traditional Persian architecture.
Tabatabaei House, early 1800s, Kashan. A fine example of traditional Persian architecture.

Kashan is a city in the Isfahan province of Iran. Kashan is the first of the large oases along the Qom-Kerman road which runs along the edge of the central deserts of Iran. Its charm is thus mainly due to the contrast between the parched immensities of the deserts and the greenery of the well-tended oasis. Archeological discoveries in the Sialk Hillocks which lie 2.5 miles (4 km) west of Kashan reveal that this region was one of the primary centers of civilization in pre-historic ages. Hence Kashan dates back to the Elamite period of Iran. The Sialk ziggurat still stands today in the suburbs of Kashan after 7000 years. After world known Iranian historical cities such as Isfahan and Shiraz, Kashan is a common destination for foreign tourists due to numerous historical places.

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