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Main Camp Satellites in Kruger National Park

  • Balule - A satellite camp of Satara, Balule is a rustic bush camp with little luxury, but a lot of bush romantic. It is in the middle of the KNP near the Olifant camp where you have to check in and then drive 11 km to get to the Balule camp. The camp is on the banks of the olifant river and it suits you best when you are prepared for self catering and if a you are happy to share a communal kitchen.
  • Malelane - A satellite camp of Berg-en-Dal, situated near the Malelane Entrance gate on the very southern border of the park.
  • Maroela - A satellite of Orpen the camp is situated on the banks of the Timbavati River. This is apparently the only camp in the park that allows for caravans and camper-vans.
  • Tamboti - A satellite of Orpen, Tamboti is a tented camp situated on the banks of the seasonal Timbavati River and you can see the beasts from your tent coming to the river. Facilities include accommodation and communal kitchen without cooking utensils
  • Pionier - A tented camp, administered by Letaba.

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    Kruger National Park Travel Photos

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    Photographers: - , - , - ,AnaMariaOss - Grupo de cebras en Parque Kruger,AnaMariaOss - Jirafa en el Parque Kruger,a.aureli - Sud Africa 2000 ,H.J. van Zyl - Zebra Crossing,Marek Koszorek - Letaba River,Graham Hobbs - dawn zebra,Hazel Coetzee - Look out! Elephant matriarch approaching.,Olive Kirk - WATER BUFFALO KRUGER SA 2005,Hazel Coetzee - Kruger National Park : A quiet hippo pool (can you see the Hippo?),Trudi - En deze olifant (in mush!) kwam op ons af denderen (Trudi),gsskimsing - Kruger National Park,Giuseppe Caterina - Stati - Rinoceronte - Parco Kruger,Hazel Coetzee - Giraffewith Oxpecker birds cleaning neck,Olive Kirk - impala? kruger o=k,Hazel Coetzee - Male Impala on the alert,Giuseppe Caterina - Stati - Bufalo - Parco Kruger,Giuseppe Caterina - Stati - Giraffa - Parco Kruger,NellvdBoschLevendig - SOUTH AFRICA, Limpopo: Morning walk of a striped family in Kruger National Park,Giuseppe Caterina - Stati - Scimmia - Parco Kruger,Giuseppe Caterina - Stati - Zebre - Parco Kruger,Vangelis F. - Antelope - Krüger NP,Giuseppe Caterina - Stati - Antilope - Parco Kruger,Lydie STUELSATZ-DERBEZ - A la chasse ou à cache-cache ? Vous ne le voyez pas mais "lui" vous observe...,Lydie STUELSATZ-DERBEZ - Trois jeunes lionnes,Giuseppe Caterina - Stati - Ippopotamo, Cocodile River - Parco Kruger,Giuseppe Caterina - Stati - Fuoristrada safari - Parco Kruger,Carré - Parc Kruger - Bisons,Giuseppe Caterina - Stati - Daini - Parco Kruger,Giuseppe Caterina - Stati - Antilope - Parco Kruger,Giuseppe Caterina - Stati - Elefante - Parco Kruger,dirk bijstra - wild in het Kugerpark Z.Afrika,Giuseppe Caterina - Stati - Leone - Parco Kruger,Giuseppe Caterina - Stati - Termitaio - Parco Kruger,


    Kruger National Park Hotels

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