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Money and Shopping in Quito

There are lots of artisans working on unique crafts in the capital. These include guitar-makers, candle makers, tanners and leather-workers, silversmiths, ceramicists and woodcarvers. You can find them at their workshops, published in a guide by the Visitors' Bureau. There are also several fair-trade shops in Quito which promise to pay the craftspeople fairly for their products. The ones at the Tianguez (Plaza San Francisco), El Quinde (Plaza Grande), and Museo Mindalae are all very good. There are many shopping malls in Quito such as Quicentro, Mall el Jardin, CCI, CC. El Bosque, Megamaxi, Ventura Mall, Ciudad Comercial el Recreo, San Luis, etc. and every street corner has several small "Mom and Pop" shops or stands where only a couple of items are for sale. If your shopping list is very long, you may spend all day looking around for the stores that have the items on your list. There are many casual wear stores like MNG, Benetton, Lacoste, Guess, Fossil, Bohno,Diesel etc. So if you need some items Quito is in fact a very good place to buy nice clothes at relatively low prices. Ecuador's indigenous peoples include many highly skilled weavers. Almost everyone who goes to Ecuador sooner or later purchases a sweater, scarf or tapestry. In Quito vendors are found along the sidewalks of more touristy neighborhoods. You should also consider travelling directly to some of the artisen markets, such as the famous one in Otavalo. If you haven't got time for Otavalo, you can find virtually the same gear at the market on Jorge Washington and Juan Leon Mera in the Mariscal district. The Mariscal is replete with dozens of souvenir, craft and T-shirt stores which make shopping for a gift very easy.
  • Zapytal, Foch E4-298 v Av Amazonas, 528 757. Hand made shoes. A wide selection in stock plus made to measure if you have 8 days to spare. A selection of correspondant (spectator shoes), riding boots and womens shoes $80
  • Guitarras Guacan, Chimborazo y Bahia, Quito, (+593) 2-2583-475, . Master Luthier Cesar Guacan's quaint guitar workshop at the base of the Virgin del Panecillo - great guitars for both professionals and budget-conscious.

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    Photographers: - , - , - ,Omar Gobbi - Panorama de "Quito" desde "Mirador" "Quito" "Ecuador",α-ßλè-λ - La llamada Más Hermosa Iglesia de Latinoamérica: La Compañía, Quito Patrimonio de la Humanidad- Unesco, Ecuador © By α-ßλè-λ,Vladimir Minakov - View of Downtown Quito from the side of Guagua Pichincha,Vladimir Minakov - Quito,[email protected]@¦ - Quito Guapulokirche,ThoiryK - View of Quito buildings from CORPEI office,RenAro - Na horyzoncie wulkan Cotopaxi. Widok z Guagua Pichincha.,Pedro Zurita Zaragoza - Parque La Carolina,ThoiryK - Night time landing at Quito airport,Nicolas - cables,Omar Gobbi - Interior Iglesia "San Fransisco" "Quito" "Ecuador",Omar Gobbi - Atardecer lluvioso plaza "San Blas" "Quito" "Ecuador",Omar Gobbi - Patio Interno "Arzobispado" "Quito" "Ecuador" ,helki - Cotopaxi, Ecuador,David Thyberg - Basilica, Quito,matias Fogliacco - Quito-Calle La Ronda,Talavan - ECUADOR Quito ,☼ EzioMacchione ☼ - Viviendas 2,Nicolas - neo,Talavan - ECUADOR Iglesia de La Merced, Quito ,Bernardo Nieuwland - Teatro Sucre,Talavan - ECUADOR Iglesia de Guapulo, Quito,Talavan - ECUADOR Catedral Metropolitana Quito ,ThoiryK - TeleferiQo,Peter Connolly - Quito : San Francisco Monastery,Talavan - ECUADOR Vista de El Panecillo desde la Basilica del Voto Nacional Quito ,Talavan - ECUADOR Quito desde el Guagua Pichincha ,Stefan Tanner - El Cerro Panecillo de Quito con la virgen y el Cotopaxi atrás / Quito's Panecillo and Cotopaxi top right!,Talavan - ECUADOR Quito ,JASegura - Trayecto hasta el Volcán Pichincha,Peter Connolly - Quito : La Basilica,ThoiryK - Night View of a Quito apartment ,Talavan - ECUADOR Panorámica desde el Guagua Pichincha, Quito,


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