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Oruro Travel Guide


Oruro is a city in the Oruro Department of Bolivia, famous for its carnival. It's been a major mining centre and railway hub, but with the closing of the mine and with more and more rail connections ceasing the town is about to lose its importance. But only three hours and fifteen Bolivianos by bus from La Paz, this is a nice getaway from the prices and stress of the capital.

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Photographers: - , - , - ,brezzinka - Oruro,brezzinka - lago Popoo, - Northern entrance to Oruro, April 2007, - Northern Entrance to Oruro, April 2007,brezzinka - lago Oro Oro - transport,SHoweMBOU - Oruro Hill ,MAPP HUDRANS - Hřiště v pustině (Courses in wilderness), Bolivia,Talavan - BOLIVIA Peaje de Oruro,Suzanne Holzer - trabajando en el campo,phiguera - Templo entre escombreras,lacumbre_190 - Aproximacion sector escalada Rumi campana - Oruro - Bolivia,CarmelH - Lake Uru Uru,Pedro Lázaro - Monumento al Minero,brezzinka - Oruro - tin factory,Christian Riveros A. - Apu Naturaleza y Culturas - Plaza 10 de Febrero, Oruro,brezzinka - Oruro, - Reaching Oruro, southbound, April 2007, - Oruro, Bolivia, April 2007,☼ EzioMacchione ☼ - Ombre sulla Fotografia,Hugo Eduardo Balcázar Rodal - Oruro-08,Hugo Eduardo Balcázar Rodal - Oruro-07,Hugo Eduardo Balcázar Rodal - Oruro-04,Mikihiro - Stadium Bermudez Oruro,☼ EzioMacchione ☼ - Comunìcate!,☼ EzioMacchione ☼ - Per la strada 1,tencho - Lago Uru Uru - (TenchO),niatoluque - Colegio Bethania,niatoluque - Alcaldia Oruro,niatoluque - Iglesia,CarmelH - Oruro Overview,


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