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Osaka Travel Guide

A more complete article exists in Japanese. If you are familiar with the language, please help with translation!
Osaka Castle and the skyscrapers of Osaka Business Park, Kyōbashi
Osaka Castle and the skyscrapers of Osaka Business Park, Kyōbashi

Ōsaka (大阪) is the third largest city in Japan, with a population of over 17 million people in its greater metropolitan area. It is the central metropolis of the Kansai region and the largest of the Osaka-Kobe-Kyoto trio.

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Osaka Travel Photos

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Photographers: - , - , - ,Pozlp风格 - 大阪天空 Sky Oosaka 你有没有仔细看着,物体或云它会动!Have you looked at carefully, it will move the object or the clouds!,Pozlp风格 - 夜眺大阪港 Osaka Port Seen night,Wal 宮城 - Moinho Holandes em Osaka/Jp,Masakazu Kadoya(cadiyan) - Night shot of Osaka,Pozlp风格 - 倒影 Reflection,taoy - Busy lines (Kyobashi, Osaka, Japan),kazkun - 戎橋 , Osaka,miyo0117 - End of rainy season. (Mt.Rokko & Sakura 570A,Shinkansen ),aoriika - スーパーマン?"Superman?" "The sign of the old fruit shop, the image seems to be Superman",Pozlp风格 - 大阪港码头 Osaka Port,miyo0117 - 銀橋 Sakuranomiya Ginbashi bridge,miyo0117 - Night fountain,miyo0117 - Twilight Express (Sleeper train that runs in long distance) Osaka≪ ≫Sapporo,miyo0117 - Evening scenry. Osaka international airport.,amitani - Trams, In Life,miyo0117 - Takeoff roll is carried out soon. (with Ai Nikkor 180/2.8s),masahiro okumura - 2007,5,13 通天閣,Wal 宮城 - O por do sol/Osaka,daifuku - Osaka harbour, sightseeing 1.0771,daifuku - Fuusha 1.0070,aoriika - The Santa Maria,miyo0117 - Surrounding of Osaka Station. Ⅳ ,Wal 宮城 - My Little...Big Heart!,mechanics - Hozenji,kazkun - 大阪城, Osaka Castle,SD34 - 夜桜 He was blown away.,miyo0117 - Renewal of the JR Osaka station.,Masakazu Kadoya(cadiyan) - Japanese New Year!,the other Martin Tenbones - Night view of Osaka,masa+ - Night view of the newly opened department store 改装オープンした阪急百貨店の夜景,miyo0117 - 大阪風 七夕祭り The Star Festival(Evening of the seventh) of Osaka style,miyo0117 - Sunset (Scenery from my hometown),masa+ - Aqua Metropolis Osaka festival 2011.The rubber duck in Nakanoshima Park 中之島のラバーダック,


Osaka Hotels

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