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Qingdao Travel Guide


Qingdao (青岛; Qīngdǎo; also known as Tsingtao), is regarded by some Chinese as one of the most beautiful and clean cities in China. With a population of around 3.5 million (8 million regional) it is one of the largest cities in Shandong Province. The name Qingdao means The Blue/Green Island. In 2008, Qingdao was named China's 7th-most livable city.

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Qingdao Travel Photos

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Photographers: - , - , - ,Rachun - แสงสีเมืองชิงเต่า Qingdao at night 青岛夜景,Newerman - Business area,zyz . - 5.4广场,tsingtao_hu - 青岛海云庵,tsingtao_hu - 青岛湛山寺药师塔,tsingtao_hu - 在青岛奥帆中心眺望青岛东部新城区,tsingtao_hu - 青岛胶州湾大桥,tsingtao_hu - 惜…… 青岛石老人海滩,Mehrdad - HQPs Group - Barbeque Restaurant in Qingdao _MR,JRunegrund - Qingdao, Sea View Garden, Sunset,tsingtao_hu - Qingdao-青岛海关大楼与海上皇宫,tsingtao_hu - 胶州湾高速太原路立交桥 2010年7月5日实施爆破拆除,tsingtao_hu - 青岛李村公园 Licun park, Qingdao,tsingtao_hu - 青岛汽车东站,Mikhail Maksimov - Qingdao,Li Ang - [email protected],tsingtao_hu - 青岛栈桥夕阳,tsingtao_hu - 青岛香港中路 Qingdao CBD,Li Ang - Qingdao St. Emil Church © Li Ang,tsingtao_hu - 青岛浮山湾海滨,tsingtao_hu - 青岛江苏路基督教堂,Rachun - พิพิธภัณฑ์เบียร์ชิงเต่า Tsingtao Beer Museum 青岛啤酒博物馆,tsingtao_hu - 青岛第三海水浴场,tsingtao_hu - 青岛栈桥 海鸥,tsingtao_hu - 胶州湾夕阳,Mehrdad - HQPs Group - Beautiful Hotel in Qingdao _MR,tsingtao_hu - 舟已成木 青岛中山公园 Qingdao Zhongshan park,tsingtao_hu - 青岛第一海水浴场,Andrey Bogdanov - Sea front in Qingdao,tsingtao_hu - 青岛奥林匹克帆船中心,Mikhail Maksimov - Qingdao park modern art,tsingtao_hu - Qingdao television tower 青岛电视塔,tsingtao_hu - 青岛香港中路,


Qingdao Hotels

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