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Quime is a small city in Yungas of Inquisivi region of La Paz.

Quime, Provincia Inquisivi, Bolivia
Quime, Provincia Inquisivi, Bolivia

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About mid way between Cochabamba, Oruro and La Paz, Quime is in a deep forested valley surrounded by high peaks of the Andes. The region is one of the steepest in the Bolivian Andes and the center of biodiversity of both Andean Bolivia and South America. Resident foreigners living in Bolivia call it the "Shangri-la" of Bolivia.

Road Map and Day Hike map
Road Map and Day Hike map

Quime is the center for climbing and exploration of the Cordillera de Quimsa Cruz. Three agencies in La Paz offer trips to the Cordillera. Traditionally, it has been an area with little tourism of any kind and perfect for romantic couples and adventure tourists. Though you won't find much about Quime in any tour guide books, the area has become an increasingly popular "word-of-mouth" area for travelers between La Paz and points south.

The population is 10,000, with 3,000 living in the town and the rest in 31 indigenous Aimara communities scattered over an area the size of Rhode Island, which make up the municipality.

The temperature lows are seldom, if ever, below 6 C: (40 F.) and highs seldom, if ever, over 26 C. (80 F.).

Basic services include: hospital, cell phone service, call centers, and three small radio stations. There are no money machines (ATMs) but internet has recently been connected.

The people, mostly miners and indigenous campesinos, are friendly to travelers. Communarios love to teach guests a few words of Aimara and miners will show you around their mining operations. Quime is presently working on setting up small native huts as guest houses in nearby villages, and a self guided nature walk near the Naranjani Falls and Lake.

Quime Valley in the canyon below as seen from the road to Quime.
Quime Valley in the canyon below as seen from the road to Quime.
Quime Mountains from Hostal Colibri
Quime Mountains from Hostal Colibri

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