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Saqqara Travel Guide

The Step Pyramid (and others)
The Step Pyramid (and others)

Saqqara is the name given both to a village 32 km to the south of the Egyptian capital of Cairo and (more particularly) to the extensive ancient necropolis on the plateau above the Nile Valley, the location of tombs and pyramids dating to the Predynastic, Old Kingdom, New Kingdom and Late Periods of ancient Egyptian history.

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Saqqara Travel Photos

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Photographers: - , - , - ,zaimemre - Pyramids of Djoser and Userkaf,MRR - هي فوضى, - Serapeum,Mohamed Abbas Zaki - Nile at sunset,Bokiel - 02 Egipt Piramidy ,Abdallah BOUHAMIDI - Tombeau de Ti,HURACAN - BUSCADORES DE TUMBAS,Marilyn Whiteley - Ramses II at Memphis,wrolf - Bent Pyramid, Dahshur,©galilaeus - Menfi,jotahoyas - Pirámide de Sakkara desde el aire,© Roberto Donna - Saqqara - piramide a gradoni,Olivier Faugeras - 6° au soleil (Les incontournables 2), - Red Pyramid, Dahschur,AnaMariaOss - Piramide Escalonada o Saqqara,Artur Ziembaczewski - Dahszur #03 Czarna piramida,Artur Ziembaczewski - Dahszur #02 Piramida Łamana - The Bent Pyramid,yadiyasin - Saqqara pyramid,Artur Ziembaczewski - Sakkara #03,fajna_asia - هرم زوسر / Djoser's pyramid at Saqqara,María Fernando - Pirámide escalonada de Saqqara, la más antigua de Egipto.,Artur Ziembaczewski - Dahszur #01,Artur Ziembaczewski - Sakkara #06,Tóthné Magdi - Saqqara / It's Me /,Davide Andreani - Saqqara step pyramid,fajna_asia - هرم سنفرو / Dahshur, Snofru's Bent Pyramid,Abdallah BOUHAMIDI - Egypte Vers Saqqara,rokaPic40666 - Sakara - Pyramides à degrés en 1963,shigesato - ピラミッド,Concepcion Becerril - Piramide de Saqqara,ullikummi - Красная пирамида,fajna_asia - هرم أوسركاف / The ruined pyramid of Userkaf at Saqqara,Artur Ziembaczewski - Memfis #01,


Saqqara Hotels

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