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Telecommunication networks in Quito

A good place to start is the Quito Visitors' Bureau . It has several information centres around the city. These include at the International and Domestic Arrivals terminals at the airport; the Parque Gabriela Mistral in the Mariscal District (just north of Plaza Foch); the Banco Central Museum in the Masiscal District; and finally, in the Old Town, on the ground floor of the Palacio Municipal on one side of Plaza Grande - their main centre. The main centre includes helpful English-speaking staff, lockers for leaving bags, maps, leaflets and books for sale, a store of Ecuadorian crafts. This centre also offers free guided tours of the Old Town, where visitors only pay the admission fees to sights. The contacts for the main office are: (+593 2) 2570 - 786 / 2586 - 591, [email protected] The main iTur (national tourist information offices, ) is located in northern Quito, close to La Carolina park and El Jardin malls, to one side of the Ministry of Tourism, Av. Eloy Alfaro y Carlos Tobar.

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Photographers: - , - , - ,Omar Gobbi - Panorama de "Quito" desde "Mirador" "Quito" "Ecuador",α-ßλè-λ - La llamada Más Hermosa Iglesia de Latinoamérica: La Compañía, Quito Patrimonio de la Humanidad- Unesco, Ecuador © By α-ßλè-λ,Vladimir Minakov - View of Downtown Quito from the side of Guagua Pichincha,Vladimir Minakov - Quito,[email protected]@¦ - Quito Guapulokirche,ThoiryK - View of Quito buildings from CORPEI office,RenAro - Na horyzoncie wulkan Cotopaxi. Widok z Guagua Pichincha.,Pedro Zurita Zaragoza - Parque La Carolina,ThoiryK - Night time landing at Quito airport,Nicolas - cables,Omar Gobbi - Interior Iglesia "San Fransisco" "Quito" "Ecuador",Omar Gobbi - Atardecer lluvioso plaza "San Blas" "Quito" "Ecuador",Omar Gobbi - Patio Interno "Arzobispado" "Quito" "Ecuador" ,helki - Cotopaxi, Ecuador,David Thyberg - Basilica, Quito,matias Fogliacco - Quito-Calle La Ronda,Talavan - ECUADOR Quito ,☼ EzioMacchione ☼ - Viviendas 2,Nicolas - neo,Talavan - ECUADOR Iglesia de La Merced, Quito ,Bernardo Nieuwland - Teatro Sucre,Talavan - ECUADOR Iglesia de Guapulo, Quito,Talavan - ECUADOR Catedral Metropolitana Quito ,ThoiryK - TeleferiQo,Peter Connolly - Quito : San Francisco Monastery,Talavan - ECUADOR Vista de El Panecillo desde la Basilica del Voto Nacional Quito ,Talavan - ECUADOR Quito desde el Guagua Pichincha ,Stefan Tanner - El Cerro Panecillo de Quito con la virgen y el Cotopaxi atrás / Quito's Panecillo and Cotopaxi top right!,Talavan - ECUADOR Quito ,JASegura - Trayecto hasta el Volcán Pichincha,Peter Connolly - Quito : La Basilica,ThoiryK - Night View of a Quito apartment ,Talavan - ECUADOR Panorámica desde el Guagua Pichincha, Quito,


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