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Volos Travel Guide

Panoramic view of Volos waterfront area
Panoramic view of Volos waterfront area

Volos (Greek: Βόλος) (Population: 123,815 (2001)) is the 5th biggest city (and 3d largest port) in Greece, situated in Thessaly, almost in the middle of the distance between Athens (326 km) and Thessaloniki (219 km).

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Volos Travel Photos

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Photographers: - , - , - ,Thanasis Germanos - Σιδηροδρομικός Σταθμός Βόλου - Volos train station "Evaristo de Chirico",Thanasis Germanos - tables outside - the taverna "DIAKOUMIS" in Portaria,Thanasis Germanos - Iolkos from where they started the Argonauts (NIKON-EM),Thanasis Germanos - The calmness of the sea ,Thanasis Germanos - Abandoned house (35mm film),Thanasis Germanos - small boat,Thanasis Germanos - Church Saints Constantine and Helen,Thanasis Germanos - The church of the Assumption ,Thanasis Germanos - Church of Panagia Goritsa (Zoodochos Pigi),Thanasis Germanos - Ermou Street,Thanasis Germanos - The Argo (ship of the Argonauts),Thanasis Germanos - The port of Volos (film 35mm NIKON EM),Thanasis Germanos - The port of Volos (film 35mm NIKON EM),kartson - Καρτσωνάκης Πάν:Άγιος Νικόλαος Agios Nikolaos,Thanasis Germanos - The blue boat in the port of Volos (NIKON EM),Thanasis Germanos - The Snowy mountains Othrys and the city of Volos under the blue sky,Thanasis Germanos - old carriage,Thanasis Germanos - Volos and Pelion ( NIKON EM),Thanasis Germanos - The city of Volos to the port from where they started the Argonauts for Erick (composition by travelerosmx),Thanasis Germanos - Vaulted Mycenaean tomb "Lamiospito" (14th century BC),Thanasis Germanos - Το βουνό των κενταύρων το Φθινόπωρο -The mountain of the Centaurs in the autumn,Thanasis Germanos - The port of Volos,Thanasis Germanos - Παραδοσιακή τοξωτή αυλόπορτα Πηλίου -Traditional Pelion arched gate (NIKON EM),Thanasis Germanos - Pelion the mountain of the Centaurs,Thanasis Germanos - γκρεμίσαμε τόσα και τόσα τώρα μπορούμε να μετρηθούμε με τα χαλάσματα - broke down so many now can be measured with the rubble,Thanasis Germanos - University of Thessaly,Thanasis Germanos - The hill of Episkopi,Thanasis Germanos - Fountain " imatismeni ",Thanasis Germanos - Abandoned traditional house in Pelion,Thanasis Germanos - Church Saints Constantine and Helen in Portaria,Thanasis Germanos - The fisherman (35mm film),Thanasis Germanos - winter 2012-Folklore museum Portaria,Thanasis Germanos - The small church of Panagia,


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