14 Captivating Berlin Attractions

The capital of Germany is rich in history and culture. The Berlin attractions will offer a break to anyone who is looking for fun and relaxation. This article speaks of the must-see Berlin attractions.

City Overview
Berlin is the focal point of European history and culture. The city was the focal point during the World I and World War II. The city is filled with art galleries and museums that have large collections of the greatest artists.

Places which you must visit
- The Berlin Wall is filled and charged with emotions of the ancient history.
- Brandenburg Gate is an impressive neoclassical architecture which worships Goddess Victoria who is the goddess of victory. 
- Bebel Platz is another of the Berlin attractions which symbolizes the places where the first Nazi book was burnt way back in May 1933.
- You must also visit the Reichstag, which is another important sight where the government officials meet very often to discuss issues about the Parliament.
- Kaiser-Wilhelm church is the church which was bombed during the World War II and parts of the museum are still visible.
- The city of Berlin is filled with museums which are epitomes of art and architecture.
- The Holocaust Memorial is a tribute to all the victims of the Holocaust incident.

Things you must do
- Walking along the streets of the city will be the right thing to do if you want to explore the free spirit of the city. 
- Look for avenues of insight which help you understand the history of the city. The monuments and museums are the top Berlin attractions that draw many inquisitive tourists from all across the globe.
- Visit the Potsdamer Platz which is one of the busiest square corners of the city. 
- Conquer the Museum Island which is the oldest museum of Prussia.
- Walk along the remains of the Berlin wall.
- Test your level of vertical limits and head for the highest points of the city which offer a picturesque view of the city. 
- Taste all the cuisines that the city has got to offer.

Shopping and Sports in the city
Berlin has some of the most exotic shopping districts which are one among the most sought Berlin destinations. Some of the shopping districts include High Street Heaven, Ku’damm, and Berlin departmental stores. The shopping centers and Berlin markets have everything ranging from clothes to craft. Talking about sports, the prominent sports of this city are tennis, horse-riding, golf, cycling, running, skating, climbing and water sports.

How to spend nightlife
Berlin is perhaps the best host of nightlife. Mitte district is renowned as the clubbing hub of the city. It is the finest place for the party freaks. The city’s nightlife offers exotic music style and exotic drinks that will provide you with the best possible entertainment. 

Famous Festivals
Apart from the Berlin attractions, tourists visit the place on account of the grand festivals celebrated like Columbia-Halle Exhibition, October Fest, the World film festival and Arena Glashaus Outdoor Show.