Charming Cancun Coastal City, Mexico

It goes without saying that Cancun gets its ever-charming glory from the beaches and related water sports that has attracted tourists from all over the world to find the most memorable activities of life here.

Cancun is situated on the tip of the Yucatan peninsula on the south-east shore of Mexico. The white, sunny sandy beaches and the crystal blue waters make this place a welcoming resort all the year round.


Places which you must visit

•    Tulum Ruins is situated near the coastal line; they offer a scenic view. It’s better if you rent a bike or you can climb on top of a tall pyramid to view the awesome jungle surrounding it
•    Oxcutzab town (4 hours away from Cancun) is famous for its citrus industry and you can go downtown to see the church and market
•    Zona Hotelera on the Caribbean side has a long sunny beach coastal line having many fancy hotels and is almost a replica of Las Vegas
•    Mayan ruins are known for their preservation of pre-Columbian civilization
•    Chichen Itza, Tulum, and Coba are the main archeological sites for interested tourists
•    Go to downtown Cancun to enjoy a peaceful atmosphere where you will feel welcomed by the residents. Eat out of the many restaurants their offering specialty cuisine in Mexican style.


Things you must do

•    The Nichupte Lagoon has many waterside restaurants which are worth visiting
•    Go to the mangrove region close to Ruta Maya and enjoy swimming in the waterholes packed with hygienic clean water
•    Catch a bus for going to the beach area and enjoy the dwellings of the town along the way
•    Explore the rich culture of Yucatan by traveling on a bike or by foot.


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Shopping and Sports in the city

•    Championship golf courses give you the opportunity to take out that golfer in you after a long time
•    Water Sports is the best thing in this part of the world; visit Great Mesoamerican reef offshore
•    Enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving or just relish the antics of expert surfers on the bay
•    Fishing competitions allow you to get big prizes if it had been your sport
•    The Mercado 28 is a handicrafts market where you can get some souvenirs to take home
•    Plaza Las Americas is a super-duper shopping mall for shopaholics.


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How to spend nightlife

You can start with downtown Cancun once again which has many cool bars and music venues playing live. Cancun’s Hotel Zone is famous for its great nightlife proven by its world-class nightclubs and fancy bars. The options of live music range from disco R & B and even salsa. You can drink and dance to your heart’s content.


Cancun Festivals

Regional festivals are quite popular and you will see a completely different type of festivals each month. The Summer Solstice is held at the Chichen Itza ruins. Besides this, the Cancun International Film Festival (CIFF) in November is one eye-candy for the international film industry. Holy Week festivals will usually be seen with a strong religious theme.


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Photo Credit: Michelle Maria from Tampa, United States