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Al Quwayrah
(12 km away)
Raʼs an Naqb
(16 km away)
Abu el Lasan
(22 km away)
Rum Station
(23 km away)
Ruweisat el Khāldī
(28 km away)
Khirbet el Mureigha
(30 km away)
(33 km away)
Wadi Rum
(34 km away)
(34 km away)
(35 km away)
(38 km away)
Naẖal Ya‘alon
(39 km away)
(39 km away)
Newé H̱arif
(39 km away)
Aţ Ţayyibah
(42 km away)
Ar Rīshah
(42 km away)
Khashm el Qatra
(44 km away)
Beʼer Ora
(45 km away)
‘Ayn Amūn
(48 km away)
(48 km away)
Wadi Musa
(50 km away)
Naẖal Shittim
(50 km away)
(53 km away)
Al Ḩayy
(54 km away)
Aqaba King Hussein International Airport
(47 km away)

Al Ḩumaymah al Jadīdah Guided Tours, Activities & Things To Do

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Our travel guide will help you find the best attractions in you should not miss during your visit.

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