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Phum Prahout
(11 km away)
(11 km away)
Phumĭ Chhuk Sâr
(13 km away)
Tram Kok
(17 km away)
Phum Trapeang Chhuk
(22 km away)
Prey Phkoam
(24 km away)
Vôtt Ângk Chŭm
(26 km away)
Phumĭ Thmei
(26 km away)
Phumĭ Tumnŭb
(27 km away)
Phumĭ Ta Ĭn
(31 km away)
Tuk Méas
(41 km away)
Phumĭ Kŏpăl Kœăng
(42 km away)
Phumĭ Prêk Thŭn
(43 km away)
Phumĭ Ta Prey
(47 km away)
Phumĭ Dei Krâhâm
(47 km away)
Siem Reap
(47 km away)
Phumĭ Kŭng Nôy
(50 km away)
Vat Cheng Meng
(52 km away)
Ấp Vĩnh Thạnh (2)
(52 km away)
Kampong Speu
(53 km away)
Roka Thom
(53 km away)
Phumĭ Kbal Thnál
(53 km away)
Ang Snuol
(54 km away)
Phumĭ Kâmriĕng
(55 km away)
Phnom Penh International Airport
(61 km away)

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