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Ban Khlong Bo
(2 km away)
Ban Sarika
(3 km away)
Ban Bung Khe
(3 km away)
Ban Khao Kariang (1)
(4 km away)
Ban Dong
(4 km away)
Ban Khao Daeng
(5 km away)
Ban Pho Ngam
(6 km away)
Ban Wang Takhrai
(6 km away)
Ban Nong Bua Noi
(7 km away)
Ban Takhian Ngam
(9 km away)
Ban Ko Maphang
(10 km away)
Ban Khok Sawang (2)
(10 km away)
Ban Nong Pla Chin (1)
(10 km away)
Ban Tha Sala
(11 km away)
Ban Hin Dat
(11 km away)
Na Hin Lat
(11 km away)
Nakhon Nayok
(12 km away)
Ban Khok Sung (2)
(12 km away)
Noen Hom
(12 km away)
Ban Khlong Phronmani
(12 km away)
Pak Phli
(12 km away)
Ban Khok Bak
(13 km away)
Ban Nong Saeng (4)
(13 km away)
Prachom Klao Airfield
(12 km away)
Khao E To Airport
(23 km away)
Klong 15 Airfield
(42 km away)
Phanom Sarakham Airport
(58 km away)
Don Mueang International Airport
(84 km away)
Suvarnabhumi Airport
(88 km away)
Khok Kathiam Airport
(96 km away)

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