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(1 km away)
Ban Ai Yoe Boe Chang
(9 km away)
Kampong Kawak
(10 km away)
Tanah Hitam
(19 km away)
(21 km away)
Ban Komo Sam Sip Paet
(27 km away)
Kampong Bendang Man
(30 km away)
Kampong Lubok Bedil
(35 km away)
(37 km away)
Kampong Tapong
(37 km away)
Kampong Rui
(39 km away)
Kampong Gerik
(39 km away)
Kampong Bendang Riang
(40 km away)
(41 km away)
Kampong Sira Kulim
(43 km away)
Kampong Tanjong Piring
(43 km away)
Kampong Padang Pulut
(45 km away)
Kampong Padang Gesh
(46 km away)
Kampong Kuala Benderok
(48 km away)
Bukit Selambu
(49 km away)
Kuala Ketil
(50 km away)
Kampung Tanjung Puteri
(51 km away)
Tanjong Petri
(52 km away)
Kampong Ulu Sedim
(54 km away)
Ban Ba Ngo Tu Ngo
(56 km away)

Ban Komo Sip Paet Guided Tours, Activities & Things To Do

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Ban Komo Sip Paet Travel Guide

Our travel guide will help you find the best attractions in you should not miss during your visit.

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