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(2 km away)
Río Blanco
(4 km away)
(4 km away)
(7 km away)
(9 km away)
(9 km away)
(11 km away)
La Ese
(11 km away)
(12 km away)
General Viejo
(12 km away)
San Isidro
(13 km away)
Santa Elena
(13 km away)
San Rafael Norte
(13 km away)
(13 km away)
San Ramón Norte
(13 km away)
San Ramón Sur
(14 km away)
(15 km away)
Playa Hermosa
(15 km away)
Villa Mills
(16 km away)
(16 km away)
(16 km away)
Daniel Flores
(16 km away)
(16 km away)
Santa María
(17 km away)
La Bonita Airport
(11 km away)
Altomonte Airport
(11 km away)
Cajuela/San Isidro Airport
(12 km away)
Altagracia Airport
(15 km away)
San Isidro del General Airport
(17 km away)
Santa Fe Airport
(19 km away)
Papa Kilo Airport
(37 km away)
Playa Ballena Airport
(40 km away)
Portalón Airport
(42 km away)
Atirro Airport
(43 km away)
Buenos Aires Airport
(46 km away)
Quepos Managua Airport
(56 km away)
Boca Naranjo Airport
(56 km away)
Finca Delicias Airport
(57 km away)
Palmar Sur Airport
(60 km away)
Finca 10 / Nuevo Palmar Sur Airport
(62 km away)
Aerodamas Airport
(65 km away)
Dieciocho Airport
(66 km away)
Las Lomas Airport
(67 km away)
Potrero Grande Airfield
(70 km away)
La Loma Heliport
(72 km away)
Helibancosta Heliport
(73 km away)
Amubri Airport
(73 km away)
Shiroles Airport
(73 km away)
Babilonia Airport
(74 km away)

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