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El Escarbado
(12 km away)
El Catey
(13 km away)
El Aguacate
(13 km away)
Aguas Buenas
(14 km away)
Las Canoas
(18 km away)
(18 km away)
Los Mangos
(19 km away)
Villa de Hostos
(21 km away)
(23 km away)
Los Naranjos
(23 km away)
Ceiba Bonita
(23 km away)
(26 km away)
Arroyo Salado
(28 km away)
Tas Taranas
(28 km away)
El Hoyo del Cacao
(29 km away)
Sabana Grande de Boyá
(30 km away)
El Bote
(30 km away)
Las Garitas
(30 km away)
Laguna Grande
(30 km away)
Las Terrenas
(30 km away)
El Jamito
(31 km away)
Las Mangas
(32 km away)
La Iglesia
(32 km away)
El Callejón
(32 km away)
Samaná El Catey International Airport
(10 km away)
Samana El Portillo Airport
(36 km away)
Arroyo Barril Airport
(41 km away)
Cotui Angelina Airport
(44 km away)
Sabana de Mar Airport
(48 km away)
El Ranchito Airport
(58 km away)
La Isabela International Airport
(74 km away)
Consuelo Batey Anita airport
(75 km away)
Los Llanos de Sabanatosa Airport
(75 km away)
Los Montones Airport
(83 km away)
Cibao International Airport
(85 km away)
Boca Chica Airport
(88 km away)
Las Américas International Airport
(89 km away)
Gregorio Luperon International Airport
(99 km away)

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