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Popular regions, airports, cities, places of interest in Meqor H̱ayyim

Beit Ṣafāfā
(2 km away)
(2 km away)
Ramat Raẖel
(2 km away)
(2 km away)
(2 km away)
Khirbat Za‘kūkah
(2 km away)
Giv‘at Mordekhay
(2 km away)
Har Homa
(3 km away)
(3 km away)
(3 km away)
Bayit Wegan
(4 km away)
El Muṣrāra
(4 km away)
Temple Area
(4 km away)
Khirbat Umm Ţūbá
(4 km away)
Bet HaKerem
(4 km away)
Giv‘ot Mordekhay
(5 km away)
Giv‘at Shaʼul
(5 km away)
Bayt Jālā
(5 km away)
Abū Dīs
(5 km away)
‘En Kerem
(5 km away)
(5 km away)
Ramat Eshkol
(6 km away)
Hadassah Ein Kerem Heliport
(7 km away)
Ben Gurion International Airport
(43 km away)
Sheba (Tel HaShomer) Medical Center
(48 km away)
Bar Yehuda Airfield
(50 km away)
Rabin Medical Center (Beilinson)
(50 km away)
Sourasky (Ichilov) Medical Center
(55 km away)
Sde Dov Airport
(58 km away)
Arad Airport
(58 km away)
Herzliya Airport
(60 km away)
Tnuvot Ultralight Airfield
(66 km away)
Soroka Medical Center
(67 km away)
Beersheba (Teyman) Airport
(70 km away)
Hatzerim Northwest Airport
(77 km away)
Ein Shemer Airfield
(79 km away)
Hillel Yaffe
(84 km away)
Megiddo Airport
(94 km away)

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