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(8 km away)
(9 km away)
Sao Sebastiao
(9 km away)
(9 km away)
(14 km away)
Núcleo Bandeirante
(17 km away)
Santa Bárbara
(17 km away)
(17 km away)
Riacho Fundo
(22 km away)
Águas Claras
(23 km away)
(26 km away)
(26 km away)
(29 km away)
Santa Maria
(30 km away)
Pompílio Marques
(30 km away)
(31 km away)
(31 km away)
Valparaíso de Goiás
(32 km away)
Cidade Ocidental
(33 km away)
(34 km away)
(38 km away)
Novo Gama
(39 km away)
(44 km away)
(46 km away)
Fazenda Taboca Heliport
(2 km away)
Piquet Airport
(3 km away)
RPB Helipad
(4 km away)
Brasex I Heliport
(6 km away)
Telebrás II Heliport
(8 km away)
Telebrás I Heliport
(8 km away)
Valmir Amaral Heliport
(9 km away)
UNB Autotrac Heliport
(9 km away)
Number One Heliport
(9 km away)
Parque Cidade Heliport
(9 km away)
Brasil XXI Heliport
(9 km away)
Autódromo Internacional de Brasília Heliport
(11 km away)
Base Resgate Heliport
(12 km away)
Presidente Juscelino Kubistschek International Airport
(12 km away)
PCDF Heliport
(12 km away)
Botelho Airport
(16 km away)
Campo de Exposições Torto Heliport
(18 km away)
Parkway Heliport
(19 km away)
Águas Claras Heliport
(22 km away)
CADF Heliport
(29 km away)
Planaltina Airport
(34 km away)
Fazenda Lamarão Airport
(41 km away)
Spa-Unicordis Heliport
(48 km away)
Palma Heliport
(48 km away)
Fazenda Palma Airport
(48 km away)

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