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Kabul Serena Hotel
Kabul Serena Hotel 
Kabul Serena Hotel, Froshgah Street, Kabul, Afghanistan, Kabul
4 US$ 3 17 8.9 Kabul
Kabul Star Hotel & Restaurant
Kabul Star Hotel & Restaurant 
Zanbaq Squarem Square, Ankara Street, Opposite of Turkish Embassy, Shīrpūr
3 US$ 132 1 0 Shīrpūr
Golden Star Hotel
Golden Star Hotel 
Haji Yaqoob Square, Shahre Naw, District 10. Kabul Afghanistan, Kabul
1 US$ 94 0 Kabul
Intercontinental Kabul
Intercontinental Kabul 
Bagh-e Bala Road, Kabul
5 US$ 106 0 Kabul

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The territory of today’s Afghanistan straddles the geographic boundaries of three main regions. It encompasses the converging space and dividing verges of Central Asia, the Middle East and South Asia with historical connections to China. Its identity as a state is based less on geography and more on history. Throughout its long history, the country has served as the buffer between expanding empires or the collision space between competing for regional powers.

Afghanistan contains the key strategic lands of the ancient Ariana, an extensive geographic area between Persia and the Indian Subcontinent. Ariana means the “land of Aryans” and has its roots in Zoroastrianism’s Avesta.

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