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Title: Cheap hotels
Description: Find and book cheap hotels! offers more than 100,000 accommodations worldwide.

Why Exchange Links?

Exchanging links is a method website owners use to both help users find complimentary content related to their website. In addition it helps boost 'link popularity' - a basic measure of a website demand by users, and is one of the methods search engines use to score how well or poorly a website should rank (compared to other sites of a similar content or theme).

You should never exchange a link with a site that does not have related content and in particular 'dodgy' 'bad neighbourhood' sites that might actually get you site penalised by a search engine.

Swapping links is a great way to find new website visitors, especially if your links are highly relevant in terms of content. So don't just focus on the 'anchor text' for search engine purposes - try and make the link interesting and meaningful for the user on 3rd party sites to click though to your site.

Its amazing how much additional traffic you can generate by leaving a trail of your links all across the net.

For link exchange requests please send us an email to [email protected]



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