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Arabic phrasebook Travel Guide

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The following phrasebook deals with Modern Standard Arabic. See the Lebanese Arabic phrasebook, Jordanian Arabic phrasebook or the Egyptian Arabic phrasebook for Arabic dialects relating to those regions/countries.

Arabic is the fourth most widely-spoken language in the world. It is spoken in many popular destinations in North Africa and the Middle East. There are many regional dialects, but a standard Arabic language is maintained due to religious needs and region-wide media.

Arabic is written from right to left. It has its own alphabet, different from the Roman alphabet used for English.

For communication purposes while traveling and using this guide, it is very important to note that Arabic is divided into Classical Arabic (mostly used in print) and Colloquial Arabic. Colloquial Arabic is further subdivided into regional colloquial accents, the main regions being the Levant, Persian Gulf States, Egypt, and North Africa. These regional colloquial accents sometimes differ enough to be mutually incomprehensible.

The pronunciation guide below uses Classical Arabic and Levantine Colloquial Arabic.

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