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Every large street in the city is served by at least one bus route. Many of these routes are doubled by the trolleybus routes. Also every large street of Moscow has trolley wires over it. Moscow buses and trollebuses go since 5:30 a.m. till 1:00 a.m. The average distance between bus stops is about 150 m (500 ft). As Metro stations outside the city center are far apart in comparison to other cities, up to 4 kilometers (2.5 mi), an extensive bus network radiates from each station to the surrounding residential zones. Even though they have one, buses and trolleybuses usually don't operate on a fixed schedule, mostly due to large Moscow jams, but there are always plenty of them around. Timetable can be observed better in out-of-jam hours, but beware, that in Russia even without any reason, being 5-10 ahead or behind schedule, or completely cancelling some trips at certain times, is common, especially late in the evening. In some directions, the amount of public transport may considerably reduce after 9pm though. Timetable for almost all routes of buses, trolleybuses and trams can be found here: (in Russian), unfortunately this site is rarely updated and often contains out-of-date information (it is largely out-of-date as of September 2011). However it can give a feeling of frequency of various routes at different times of the day. One trip costs 28 rubles, if you pay to a bus (or trolleybus) driver. However it is more convenient and less expensive to buy it in the booths, located at the bus stops or near the Metro stations. It then costs 24 rubles. It is also possible to get a multi-ride card in those booths, and each trip would be cheaper. Tickets for bus, trolleybus and tram are unified. The information about the ticket costs is available here: .

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