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Road sign for Jordan
Road sign for Jordan
The Geva Museum was the first house built to be here, if you are visiting you can maybe ask to look inside, although ask in advance because it's not gaurenteed that you'll get in. Geva is a perfect example of a classic Kibbutz. Everything in the Kibbutz is owned by Geva. Before you take the road into Geva, there are fish ponds. Beside the fish pond is a donkey rehabilitation service. These donkeys have been rescued from awful lifestyles, where they were used to carry equiptment, other labour tasks and also suffered general abuse. When knowing this story its nice to stoll down and see them living with no worry with the beautiful backdrop of Mount Gilboa. To witness sun rise from Gilboa will give you an unforgettable view and memory of the valley. Geva is also about 20km from a border crossing with Jordan, and buses( or shared taxis) are usually avaliable to Amman from the Jordanian side. And of course, the famous Jordan River. Geva is also close to the Megiddo junction, famous for its connection with the religious idea of Armageddon.

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