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Baghdad Travel Guide

Travel Warning

WARNING: Baghdad remains one of the most dangerous cities on Earth and is emphatically NOT a tourist destination. Those who are travelling here on business are strongly advised to consult their own government first and have an armed guard with them. Otherwise do not even think about travelling here.

Baghdad (Arabic: بـغداد Baġdād) is the capital of Iraq.

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Baghdad Travel Photos

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Photographers: - , - , - ,jahangirkhan192 - Kazimiyah - Baghdad,zeyadtr2 - ztr- Tomb of Unknown Soldier & the arch of victory ,kamilmaan - mergan1,F.Zaman - Holy Shrine ( Mazar ) of Al-Shaikh Abdul Qadir Al-Jilani,Baghdad,Iraq 10/1983,Joe Gattuso - Baghdad, Martyr's Monument,F O - Nedaa Mosque (HDR)..جامع النداء 29/4/2011 .. By FO ,zeyadtr2 - ztr92 al.senaak bridge in baghdad,zeyadtr2 - ztr149 نصب الجندي المجهول,Joe Gattuso - Kicking it Up,zeyadtr2 - ztr76 alra7man-mosque_جامع الرحمن (جامع صدام الكبير سابقا)ا,zeyadtr2 - ztr210 وزارة الدفاع السابقة,kamilmaan - baghdadiraq0cl,Joe Gattuso - Blackhawk Helicopter East of the Tigris, Baghdad,F O - Palm groves (HDR) بساتين النخيل .. 29/4/2011 .. By FO ,jahangirkhan192 - MUSA-E-KAZIM (A.S),Wojciech Noworyta - Palmy w Bagdadzie,Joe Gattuso - Hotel Rasheed and Statues at Dusk, Baghdad,zeyadtr2 - ztr148 نصب الجندي المجهول,zeyadtr2 - ztr173 دجلة,zeyadtr2 - ztr28AL Mustansiriya School المدرسة المستنصرية,zeyadtr2 - ztr162 جسر الجمهورية,kamilmaan - kholafa,mohammad mahdi eqbal behabadi - الدخول لصحن الكاظمي الشريف من باب المراد(دخول به حرم مطهر از باب المراد),zeyadtr2 - ztr144 ساحة الاحتفالات,Obydias - Haifa Buildings from Al-Mutanaby Steert,Obydias - walls of Al-Saray mosque,zeyadtr2 - ztr146 قصر السجود,zeyadtr2 - ztr41baghdad sunset غروب الشمس في بغداد,nicktaylor - Baghdad - Mausoleum of Omar al-Sahrawardi ('81),zeyadtr2 - ztr100 baghdad,zeyadtr2 - ztr3 Martyr Monument نصب الشهيد,zeyadtr2 - ztr101 الجندي المجهول,zeyadtr2 - ztr145 برج الزوراء,


Baghdad Hotels

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