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What you’re covered for:

Overseas Medical & Dental Expenses

While travelling overseas, you suffer an acute serious illness or acute serious injury and you require urgent and necessary medical or emergency dental treatment or hospitalisation.

Hospitalisation or treatment by a doctor or specialist

Surgery or medical treatment in a hospital or clinic either as an inpatient or outpatient.

Prescribed medicines by a doctor or specialist

Medicines prescribed by an authorised physician, dentist or specialist while travelling.

Pain relieving dental treatment

Urgent and immediate treatment by a dentist for an injury, infection, lost filling or a broken tooth during your trip.

Counselling after an assault or mugging

Covers the cost of counselling by a psychologist abroad or in your country of permanent residence following your mugging or assault.

Daily emergency cash allowance in hospital

A daily cash allowance while you’re in hospital, where pre-approved by ihi Bupa.

Physiotherapy or chiropractic treatment

Treatment by physiotherapists and chiropractors as prescribed by an authorised physician.

Treatment by acupuncturist or osteopath

Alternative treatment by registered and licensed acupuncturist or osteopath.

Adventure sports and activities

You’re covered for medical expenses and medical evacuation/repatriation expenses if you’re injured participating in a range of covered adventure sports and activities while travelling overseas.

Coverage for snowsports

is only included in the Explorer Plan.

Standard sports & activities Standard & higher risk sports & activities

Emergency medical assistance, medical treatment and medical evacuation/repatriation if you are seriously injured or in an accident while you study, work or volunteer overseas. You must have the appropriate visa and/or be allowed to study or work under the local laws of the country. Non-manual work includes non-physical jobs including office, hospitality, teaching, care-giving or retail work. Manual work is physical labour, usually done with your hands or machinery including fruit picking, hair-dressing, construction or work in a factory assembly line. Non-manual work only Non-manual work & manual work

24 Hour Emergency Assistance

In case of death, sickness, injury or accident while travelling, our emergency assistance team at ihi Bupa are multi-lingual and can help, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Emergency Medical Transport, Evacuation, Repatriation & Travel Expenses

Emergency transport to a medical facility, your evacuation to a safe place or repatriation home when pre-approved by the insurer.

Medical evacuation or repatriation home

Reasonable additional expenses for your medical evacuation, ambulance transport or repatriation home if you suffer an acute serious illness or injury. These expenses must be pre-approved by the insurer ihi Bupa.

Ambulance transport

Transportation to the nearest medical facility or to another place for treatment.

Non-medical evacuation

Evacuation to a safe place due to war, terrorism or natural disaster.

Personal support and accompaniment

Economy class flights and reasonable additional travel expenses for accommodation, local transportation and meals for a friend or close relative to support and accompany you in hospital and your repatriation home if your condition is life threatening or you will be in hospital for at least 5 nights. Travel expenses must be pre-approved by the insurer ihi Bupa.

Compassionate emergency repatriation

Reasonable expenses to repatriate you home if you have to end your trip due to a close relative’s sudden illness, injury or death.

Accidental death – repatriation of remains

Cremation and/or transportation of your remains home if you die while overseas.

Pre-Trip Cancellation

Cover for pre-paid, non-refundable travel expenses, tuition/course fees and tours if you have to cancel your trip before you leave home, due to an unexpected, serious illness or injury requiring hospitalisation. Read more about what’s covered (and not) & how we can help.

Trip Interruption

Covers your your non-refundable, pre-paid travel and accommodation expenses, change to itinerary fees and tuition/course fees if, after you leave home, your trip is interrupted or you have to end your trip early due to your (or your close relative’s) death, acute serious illness/injury.

Travel provider insolvency

Protection if your travel service provider becomes insolvent.

Home visit

We will let you return home and resume your trip under the insured period for any reason at your own expense.

Resumption of Trip

Covers the cost to resume your trip if you had to return home due to the death or hospitalisation of a close relative or if you have been medically evacuated/repatriated due to an acute serious illness or injury.

Travel Delay

Cover for reasonable additional expenses for local transportation, meals and overnight hotel accommodation if your pre-booked transport is delayed for more than 3 hours, cancelled or overbooked.

Missed Flight Connection

Covers a replacement flight ticket or the cost to change your ticket if a common carrier causes you to miss your pre-booked connecting flight.


Loss of pre-paid travel expenses if you decide to end your trip after you have been hijacked.

Special Event Cover

Reasonable alternative transport costs to arrive on time if you are delayed and need to attend a pre-paid music, cultural or sporting event. You will also be reimbursed if the tickets can not be refunded or rescheduled.

Baggage & Personal Effects

Covers your baggage, clothing, electronic equipment, jewellery or other items you take or buy on your trip if they are stolen, damaged by a natural disaster, or lost/damaged by a common carrier. Special conditions and single item limits apply.

Theft of baggage

Cover if your baggage and/or personal belongings are stolen from you, a locked room, vehicle or safety box.

Loss or damage by fire or natural disaster

Cover if your belongings are lost or damaged by fire or other natural disaster if locked in your accommodation abroad or a locked safety box.

Loss or damage to checked in baggage

Documented loss or damage to baggage by a common carrier, accommodation or luggage storage provider.

Delayed baggage

Reasonable expenses for the purchase of essential items of clothing, toiletries and essential medicine where your registered, checked-in baggage is delayed for more than 12 hours.

Theft of cash

Your cash is covered up to the limit shown if it is stolen from you.

Theft or damage to sporting equipment

Theft of your sporting equipment or damage to your sporting equipment by a common carrier.

Passport & Travel Documents

Covers the cost to replace your passport, credit cards, tickets, drivers license, travellers cheques, securities and other travel documents if they are stolen from you or lost in a fire or natural disaster.

Personal Liability – Physical Injury or Property Damage

Legal liability and defence costs for any physical injury or property damage you negligently cause to a third party.

Rental Vehicle – Insurance Excess

Covers the excess on your rental vehicle insurance if you are in a motor accident or your rental vehicle is stolen. You can also submit a claim to pay for additional costs to return the vehicle if you are medically unfit to drive.

Personal Accident

Compensation and/or repayment of a credit card or student loan if you are involved in an accident and you die, lose a limb or lose your eyesight.