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(13 km away)
(15 km away)
(20 km away)
Águas de Lindóia
(21 km away)
Serra Negra
(23 km away)
Mota Pais
(25 km away)
Monte Sião
(26 km away)
São Pedro
(27 km away)
São Luís
(27 km away)
(27 km away)
Borda da Mata
(28 km away)
(30 km away)
Monte Alegre do Sul
(31 km away)
(32 km away)
(33 km away)
(33 km away)
(34 km away)
(35 km away)
Engenheiro Coelho
(37 km away)
(37 km away)
Artur Nogueira
(37 km away)
Virgulino de Oliveira Airport
(3 km away)
Fazenda Herdade Airport
(7 km away)
Mogi Mirim Airport
(9 km away)
Cristália Heliport
(11 km away)
Solar das Paineiras Heliport
(16 km away)
Fazenda Sesmaria Heliport
(18 km away)
Fazenda São Francisco Heliport
(20 km away)
Fazenda MC Heliport
(21 km away)
Fazenda Santo Antonio do Oriçanga Airport
(28 km away)
Irmãos Ribeiro Airport
(31 km away)
Chácara Monte Alegre Heliport
(32 km away)
Hotel Sant`anna Heliport
(34 km away)
Ambev Jaguaríuna Heliport
(36 km away)
Hotel Canto da Floresta Heliport
(37 km away)
FIC Heliport
(45 km away)
São João da Boa Vista Airport
(47 km away)
Ouro Fino Airport
(47 km away)
Northern Telecom do Brasil Indústria e Comércio LTDA Heliport
(47 km away)
Alpha Business Empresarial Helipad
(48 km away)
Fazenda Campo Alto Heliport
(48 km away)
Petrobrás Refinaria de Paulínea Replan Heliport
(49 km away)
Comercial Campineira de Combustíveis Heliport
(50 km away)
Lucent Heliport
(50 km away)
Parque Dom Pedro Heliport
(51 km away)
Fazenda Santo Antônio Heliport
(52 km away)

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