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(1 km away)
(1 km away)
(1 km away)
Senhora da Hora
(3 km away)
São Gens
(3 km away)
(3 km away)
(3 km away)
Águas Santas
(3 km away)
(4 km away)
Bairro do Amial
(4 km away)
Senhora do Porto
(4 km away)
(4 km away)
Bairro Silva Braga
(4 km away)
(4 km away)
(4 km away)
(4 km away)
(4 km away)
Santa Cruz do Bispo
(5 km away)
Rio Tinto
(5 km away)
(5 km away)
(5 km away)
Pinheiro Manso
(5 km away)
(5 km away)
Porto Heliport
(6 km away)
Francisco de Sá Carneiro Airport
(8 km away)
Vilar Da Luz Airport
(12 km away)
Baltar Heliport
(19 km away)
Espinho Airport
(25 km away)
Laúndos Airfield
(29 km away)
Santa Maria Da Feira heliport
(31 km away)
Pista de Entre-os-Rios
(32 km away)
Braga Municipal Aerodrome
(45 km away)
Fafe heliport
(49 km away)
Pista da Corvachã
(54 km away)
Albergaria-a-Velha Heliport
(56 km away)
São Jacinto Airport
(61 km away)
Aerodromo da Pedra da Broa
(62 km away)
Aerodromo de Cabeceiras de Basto
(66 km away)
Aerodromo Municipal de Agueda
(75 km away)
Vila Real Airport
(75 km away)
Aerodromo Goncalves Lobato (Viseu Airport)
(81 km away)
Aerodromo do Cerval
(86 km away)
Pista do Minhéu
(87 km away)
Alijó Airport
(98 km away)
Santa Comba Dão Heliport
(98 km away)

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