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Guarda do Embaú
(2 km away)
(9 km away)
Massiambu Pequeno
(9 km away)
(11 km away)
Enseada do Brito
(12 km away)
Paulo Lopes
(12 km away)
Pantano do Sul
(13 km away)
(16 km away)
(17 km away)
(19 km away)
(20 km away)
(27 km away)
(27 km away)
Praia do Rosa
(27 km away)
(28 km away)
Rio Tavares
(28 km away)
São José
(30 km away)
Barra de Ibiraquera
(31 km away)
(32 km away)
Rio dʼUna
(32 km away)
(32 km away)
São Bonifácio
(33 km away)
Lagoa da Conceição
(33 km away)
Morma II Heliport
(18 km away)
Hercílio Luz International Airport
(24 km away)
Aeroclube de Santa Catarina Airport
(31 km away)
Polícia Federal - Florianópolis Heliport
(35 km away)
Golden Air Heliport
(38 km away)
Costão Heliport
(51 km away)
Recanto das Marés Heliport
(56 km away)
Laguna Airport
(57 km away)
Sonhar Airport
(57 km away)
Fazenda Belluno Airport
(63 km away)
Aeroportobelo Airport
(79 km away)
Costa Esmeralda Airport
(80 km away)
Viana II Heliport
(82 km away)
Havan Heliport
(91 km away)
Kekafly I Heliport
(95 km away)
Helisilva Heliport
(95 km away)
Viana III Heliport
(97 km away)
Esplanada das Marinas Heliport
(97 km away)
Humberto Ghizzo Bortoluzzi Regional Airport
(99 km away)

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