10 Exciting Places To Visit In Buenos Aires

Buenos Aries is among some of the most loved tourist destinations in the world. You need a long vacation to visit everything here as this place offers opportunities for sightseeing, shopping, dance, music and many more. 

Buenos Aires is the biggest city and the center of financial, commercial and cultural activities of Argentina. This city has its own independent identity as it is not a component of the Buenos Aries province. Buenos Aires is also commonly referred to as “The South American Paris”. Due to innumerable tourist destinations in this city, visitors throng Buenos Aires all year round. 


Places To Visit

•    San Telmo is the hub of the city which you cannot afford to miss out on. This place is home to a large number of antique stores, where you can buy some souvenirs for your dear ones. Plus the architecture here is worth getting a glimpse of
•    Cabildo Bolivar 65 also needs to be explored. It was the first governmental building and is now serving as a museum, exhibiting ancient weapons and attires etc.
•    The Cemetery of Recoleta is a very popular tourist attraction of the city. A number of illustrious people including the former presidents, artists and writers are buried here
•    Avenida Corrientes should also be on your itinerary. This place is crammed with cinemas, theaters, music stores, and bookshops and is usually flooded with inhabitants and visitors alike
•    Do not forget to make an excursion to the Plaza de Mayo as well where you can pay a visit to the famous Metropolitan Cathedral.


Things To Do

•    Ensure visiting the Botanical gardens and the Buenos Aires zoo, particularly if kids are accompanying you
•    Make sure you pay a visit to the innumerable bookstores and the art galleries lining the city
•    Plus, it would be criminal to visit Buenos Aires and skip on enjoying the Tango performance. Tango dance is something Buenos Aires is famous for, all over the world. So either take a few classes to learn the dance or watch the Tango performances in any of the theaters and clubs nearby
•    You can take a walk along the city or go on a guided tour to explore the wonderful city and along the way, ensure tasting the special red wine of Buenos Aires.


Shopping And Sports

Buenos Aires is a marvelous place for shopping since the prices of various items here are very reasonable. There are innumerable shopping areas in the city but the most famous ones are San Telmo (famous for antique stores), Plaza San Martin (famous for leather goods), Avenida Santa Fe (lined with designer stores).

For sports-crazy souls, El Monumental (National Buenos Aires stadium) is a wonderful stadium for enjoying tennis, football, rugby, and basketball. Plus you can also visit Luna Park; a popular sports arena.



Buenos Aires offers a happening nightlife. Recoleta, San Telmo, and Costanera Norte are the three best places for enjoying a thrilling nightlife as there are innumerable bars and clubs. 


Famous Festivals

This city keeps on holding different types of festivals all year around. However, the most popular ones are the Annual Tango festival (August), La Plata Jazz festival (April), Buenos Aires International Jazz Festival (October) and Expotrastiendas Art Fair (October).


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Photo Credit: Herbert Brant, Indianapolis/USA