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The Splendour of New York Attractions

December 16th, 2010

New York City is perhaps the most renowned city in the world. The New York attractions are breathtaking and the shopping markets are the cornerstone of the fashion.

City Overview:
New York is a city that has an interesting history and a vibrant culture. Be it the Times Square New York Manhattan or the Empire State Building, each landmark provides a magnetic effect which you will cherish throughout.  The city has world renowned restaurants, universities, hotels, museums, clubs and theatres.

Places which you must visit:
The Statue of Liberty is a must visit if you are on a trip to the Big Apple.
The Empire State Building is the most renowned skyscraper in the world and has been showcased in several Hollywood blockbusters.
Times Square is one of the New York attractions which received its name and fame on account of the New York Times newspaper.
The World’s most famous arena is the Madison Square garden which hosts award shows, conventions and concerts all round the year.
The Wall Street is the home of the New York Stock exchange.
American Museum of Natural History is the world’s most treasured natural history museum.
The back garden of Manhattan is a place where you can attend concerts, take a walk or even read a book; it is an entertainment centre for the young and old.
The United Nations headquarters must not be missed.
The oldest suspension bridge in the US is the Brooklyn Bridge and is also the world’s longest bridge.

Things you must do:
Have a hand at the basketball game.
Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Arts and the ancient Egyptian Temple of Dendur.
Go for a NYC food tour and have a taste of the delicious cuisines.
Carefully choose and book cheap tickets to watch the Business Show in Action.
Visit the theatres and have your bit of entertainment.
Got no money in hand? Go window shopping then.

Shopping and Sports in the city:
For the shopping sprees and freaks, the Macy’s and the Bloomingdales are no less than New York attractions. For the extravagant and luxurious, you can shop the latest brands and shop till you drop. With reference to sports, the games of soccer, baseball, basketball and football are of national importance. Boxing too is an entertaining game for the New York crowd.

How to spend nightlife:
The vibrant nightclubs and bars, the ever engaging crowds and the energetic atmosphere make the nights as entertaining as ever. People from all across the world come to be a part of this nightlife. The nights have soothing music and lavish cocktails to offer to you.

Famous festivals:
The people of New York work hard and love to party and celebrate festivals harder. One of the major New York attractions is the New York International Fringe festival, which is North America’s largest and most awaited multi arts festival. To show off their wines, food and other stuff, they also celebrate the wine festival, the food festival, the film festival, etc.